Photos from the Stairway to Book Heaven

Last fall I took a trip to Dublin, Ireland and spent a day in Book Heaven – Trinity College Library. While there, I visited the Book of Kells exhibit. Unfortunately (but understandably) the library did not allow photography inside the exhibit at all. After spending some time in the exhibit, I ended up hanging out and shooting in the library.

What is this patience of which you speak?

Working around the other tourists was an exercise in patience. Patience is a virtue that I normally have very little of. This time patience paid off in a couple shots I am really proud of. This includes the image below of a spiral staircase up into the library’s rafters. I wish that we were allowed to go up there as the view and photos would have been amazing up above Book Heaven. As it was roped off, I took a few bracketed shots to see what I can pull off. This image is one of the best from the group.

Stairway to Book Heaven

This image was three brackets at +/- 2 and 0 EV shot with a Sony A7Rii and Laowa 15mm f/2 lens. I had the aperture of the camera set to f/5.6 for these shots. The rest of the EXIF data is below. I processed the image using On1 Photo RAW, merging the brackets into an HDR image. Once it was merged I applied a preset I created for these types of dark and moody images. To finish it off I added one of the built in LUTs – “Keen” and dropped the opacity to about 75%.

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If you are visiting Dublin, you need to make some time to visit the Book of Kells exhibit and wander around the college grounds. Don’t forget to find a corner in the library and absorb the view. There is just something about the smell of an old library! I can’t wait to get back soon.

Photo EXIF data:

[exif id=”4079″]

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