February – a short month that’s been too long

Living in Oxymoronica

I returned home from a business trip to Europe at the start of February, and for a month that only has 28 days, it sure as hell seems like a year has passed in that time. No I am not talking about the political infighting and eating of their own young that is going on across both sides of the aisle, but it has been a crazy month – most of which I cannot get into at this time.

So it’s the 23rd day of this month, I’m sitting in a Starbucks on 42nd Street in Times Square waiting for a meeting trying to lower the blood content of my caffeine stream looking through a couple hundred photos I took while traveling which sit unedited on my hard drive… With any luck I’ll get some time this weekend to start culling and processing them, but the way the past three weeks have gone, it could be spring before I get to them.

Why living in oxymoronica? Let’s just say it is an inside joke that some will get … others may just think I am a good example of the middle part of the word 🙂

Here’s to March … it can’t come too soon!

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