Confessions of an Apple “Fanboy”

I’m probably going to “Think Different” …

Ok it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me, whom I’ve helped with their personal (or sometimes business) computer issues, or asked me for a recommendation on what they should do … Get the latest Apple device. Spend as much on upgrades (RAM, Disk, CPU, etc) and use it till it out lives its use – 5+ years from my experiences. I’ve personally owned every major Apple computing device (I’ve skipped the Watch for a bunch of reasons) since my Apple ][ with its loud 5.25″ disk drives and 2400baud modem and crappy sound card 🙂

Cupertino always had a few things that Redmond never was able to provide – innovative design, straight out of the box function and a ‘cool factor’ that Microsoft often tried to imitate – but missed. Even through the dark ages of Jobs at NeXT I stuck it out with Apple for my personal devices (although I did make segues into Linux and Unix professionally … and for specific functions at home such as MythTV, etc). I became an Apple FanBoy™ and it was all but imprinted in my DNA – and on a couple drunken occasions almost became imprinted on my skin … but that’s a whole other story (lets just say I was told I had a good time on those nights… but … memories … fuzzy). Hell my weather station is run off an older Mac Mini …

So, you are probably thinking “John, this walk down memory lane … interesting but WTF is your point?” … we’re getting there … let an old geek bloviate will ya?

I “Thought Different” back in the ’80s … slogged through the 90’s and perfected my computer setup with the advent of OSX, and some amazing tools that were offered. Never once did I look at a Windows box with drool hanging from my lips. If MS did offer something interesting it probably worked 10% of the time or was incompatible with all other software in the universe… What’s worse is some of the crap like MS Bob and Windows ME  which I think even folks in Redmond are (rightly) embarrassed about.

Did Microsoft just pull an Apple?

That all came to a screeching halt this year. The MacBook Pro has been my go to workhorse for a decade, and I was all geared up for a great update this year, faster, more RAM, better graphics and fingers crossed for a touch screen. Did we get any of that? No, not really. What we did get with much fanfare and self-congratulatory bullshit was a “touch bar” – the most useless piece of keyboard real estate ever to be used. I wanted a touch bar – about the size of a 15″ monitor, not some little strip that provides zero benefit to productivity or creative work.

Add to this the iOSification of OSX and its become clear to me that Cupertino post Jobs has no room in the building for desktops – machines nor operating systems.

At the same time – Microsoft of all companies actually blows my mind with the Surface Studio and Surface Book (tbh I was underwhelmed with the Surface tablet I had at work). I’ve been testing a Surface Book for a couple days, and I find I am actually loving it and the functionality … no more carrying an MBP and an iPad … but somehow I feel dirty 🙂

I did put an Apple sticker over the Windows Logo… but somehow it felt an empty gesture …

On the upside, with the latest versions of Windows 10, I can actually run the majority of Linux/Unix commands I’ve come to rely on – which is something I’ve always loved about OSX … and yes its been ‘feasible’ under windows for a long time… but hardly worth the hassle. Now its right there at my command prompt.

So, now I’m nearing the point that I need a new machine for the house, and I think it will be a Surface Studio. I will be able to run all of my photography applications, most of my other creative bits and trip over my fingers for a few months as I relearn Windows keyboard shortcuts and where the alt/ctrl keys are.

So – if you’ve made the switch from OSX 10 to Windows 10 what have you found good/bad/ugly?

I wish it hadn’t come to this, but the facts are that from what I can see, Apple has zero desire to improve nor any dedication to the desktop clients. Worse, I am not seeing any love for creatives … the one group that kept Apple afloat through the lean years either.

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