Upgrade – Maintain Speed!

Installed the WordPress 4.6 upgrade, as well as a couple other changes and tweaks this evening. Firstly, updated the backend to the current version. This caused its share of issues with a couple plugins – so I chased down a few more updates and re-applied further custom tweaks I’ve made to tie a few bits together which I forgot about (thank God for anal-retentive documentation and backup processes).

Once that was out-of-the-way, and everything was working (mostly) the way I hoped, it was time to update the theme. I’m using Photocrati to maintain the look and feel of this WP site. It’s a great photography/photoblog theme, comes with a bunch of great starting templates, as well as the NextGen Gallery Pro plugin. I was bored to tears with my older theme which I threw together one day while sitting in an American Airlines lounge. Nothing to write home about this one (yet!) but I will be tweaking the hell out of it while traveling the next few weeks.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I received an offer for a discounted PhotoLogo and took advantage of it. Essentially, you give the folks your name as you want it to appear, and you get back a couple PNG files (print/digital/black/white) you can use for a watermark on your photos. These are so much better looking than a simple text copyright watermark. You also get an Adobe Illustrator file you can use to further tweak the logo if needed. I’ve used the PhotoLogo as the website logo above – may tweak it a bit more – but like it so far.

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