Jester and King Cake

Court Jester at New Orleans Riverwalk

Another photo, this one of a Jester,  from our trip to New Orleans French Quarter last weekend. American Airlines lost our checked luggage for two days, and they were kind enough to pay for Jen to go on a small shopping trip to pick up a few “necessary and reasonable” items at the Riverwalk Outlets. We eventually received our luggage, luckily as my checked bag was my drone in its flight case – we were not amused – which brings us back again to this photo …

While walking around outside, watching vendors set up for NOLA FoodFest I saw this Jester which begged to be photographed … well … ok it didn’t beg, but it definitely taunted me in its court jestery ways.

Riverwalk Jester
Statue of a court jester outside the Riverwalk Outlets, French Quarter, New Orleans

This was taken with five exposures (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2) each cleaned up a bit in Adobe Lightroom, HDR processing was done in AuroraHDR Pro and final post work in On1 Photo.

I’ve been called a shill ( jester ?) for On1 Photo, for the record, I pay for the software, and do not receive anything from them (although I would gladly take whatever they want to give me – hint hint LOL). I just honestly love the software, and think Photoshop is bloated – I own it as part of my CC subscription, but haven’t opened it more than a dozen times since I moved over to On1 … Hell, if I could find something to replace Lightroom that did all I need I would probably ditch Adobe CC all together…

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