Notre Dame Cathedral – Plotagraph

Notre Dame Cathedral – Plotagraph

I’m still playing around with my Plotagraph Pro software subscription and learning how to best work with it … here’s a photo from Notre Dame last year that I edited with On1 Photo Suite & the clouds animated via Plotagraph – was a bit tricky due to the fish eye lens – but I am really starting to dig this 🙂

I apologize in advance for the load time/file size of the image … still working out the best way to optimize this for blogging. There is also movie file I have uploaded to YouTube if interested – and you know you are! I need to start looking at ways to best put this to use – I know I already said it … but I am digging this software!

Notre Dame Fisheye Plotagraph

If you are curious how this whole Plotagraph thing works, they have some great tutorials over at their YouTube channel, and Trey Ratcliff has great video on how to use it as well…

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