Phantom 3 Advanced: Boys and their toys …

Ok, I fully admit it, I have a need for gadgets… and I just got one of the best gadgets I’ve had in a while 🙂

I picked up the Phantom 3 over at Stroud Photo in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; a great shop and the people are amazing – helpful and they know their shit (unlike some other shops we could name). We ordered the Phantom on Monday, and today (Wednesday) I got a call that it arrived… I don’t think I’ve made the drive home faster ever (was that the sound barrier breaking that I heard?)

After signing paperwork that says I wont sue DJI or Stroud if I do stupid with the drone and hurt myself or others, we immediately started talking about all the stupid that could be done without hurting myself or others. I got home and read the manual, which nearly gave my wife a coronary (are you reading that? YOU???) and watching some of the videos on the DJI website, it was getting dark. I took the drone out in my yard, put it through some basics and had to call it a night.

First impressions? Well constructed, handles extremely well – even for a beginner, photos looked good but low light leaves the jury still out. The iOS application seems pretty good, and I will try the droid app too. Can’t wait to get a good amount of time in the daylight to get used to it – then bring it on my crazy fall business trip schedule

I’ll be posting more information, photos and videos over the next few days…

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