Longwood Gardens at Night

Yesterday was my birthday, and my wife and I spent the night in Philadelphia so that we could attend the Longwood Gardens Nightscape event – a sound and light show using the natural surroundings as a backdrop and canvas put together by Klip Collective. As for the show, it was ok, nothing to rant or rave about – but entertaining… just don’t expect it to be something that it isn’t.

The gardens themselves on the other hand were beautiful … especially the beer garden! Jen and I really did enjoy walking around the gardens themselves, the tree-houses were great, and the conservatory was gorgeous – and the floral scents in the air were amazing.

So – a couple of things I need to throw out there – I don’t do well when its hot and humid out – and it was ridiculous last night so I wasn’t up for too many photos. I did take a few, and working through them this afternoon. Here are two from yesterday for the time being. Both of these images were merged with Aurora HDR, tweaked in Lightroom and post processing was done in On1 Photo –  I am quite happy with the way the tilt-shift worked out in the treehouse photo, the first time I’ve gotten something I (mostly) like out of that.

We stayed at the Hilton Logan Curio Hotel right on Logan Square in Philadelphia – great hotel, location and service. The suite we had was nicely sized and put together … and the bar had Redbreast 12-year-old Single Pot Still whiskey at a damn good price too. Not a bad way to celebrate turning older and grayer.

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