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Came across a pretty interesting software package today over at Trey Ratcliff‘s Stuck in Customs blog. Trey is one of my favorite photographers, and he is also the one that turned me onto my PeakDesign gear, so I trust him when he gets jazzed on a technology. Essentially, Plotagraph Pro takes a static jpeg or other image and by adding animation plot paths, masking and some serious behind the scenes voodoo and math, it adds natural movement to areas of your image. Here is an example image I threw together in about 10m while learning the toolsets.

The water is moving quite nicely – and while I see a few things I will eventually tweak and fix, overall, for very little time investment, and a decent original still image – this is pretty damn cool tech!

PlotaGraph of the underside of a covered bridge in North East PA
If still waters run deep – this is pretty shallow?

Currently, the software is in a beta, and its not exactly cheap ($299 for a year subscription and 10gb storage) but the results I’ve seen are amazing! I mean seriously – look at Trey’s Burning Man shot – holy hell!

Before I dropped my hard earned cash on my hobby – I gave the folks over at Plotagraph a call and we chatted for about 20 minutes – they seemed just as excited about how well people are receiving the software as I am playing with it now.

The only complaint I have is there is blessed little instructional information available. There are a few YouTube videos that walk you through it, but I do want to see a bit more from the Plotagraph folks soon (fingers crossed).

Edit 31-July-2016: The original photo “Where the Troll Lives” was created in Lightroom and AuroraHDR Pro (another bit of software from Trey) with final edits and post processing done in On1 Photo. (Photo Links: 500px | ViewBug). Also as a test, I exported this image as a .mov file and uploaded it to my YouTube channel – I really do think this has some great potential, not so much for amateurs like myself (although I love it and will start looking for more uses for it when I take photos … but for social media, advertising and others).

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