Honest – I didn’t do it!

Star, My Golden Retriever

A quick edit of an older picture of our Golden Retriever Star, “Trifecta‘s Morning Star”, also known at home as The Destroyer of Worlds and Small Furry Things. I was going through old photos looking for something I am working on and ran across this image from about a year ago. This was right after this 70 pound Golden Retriever, who thinks she is a 7 pound lap dog, used my shoulder as a spring-board doing some damage to my shoulder and T6 nerve and laying me up for a couple of days… all while I am on vacation – thanks Star! You are so lucky I love you …

Star: I didnt do it - honest
Star having a guilty look (as usual)

This was edited in On1 photo, cleaning up the background, adding some dynamic contrast and fixing some of the color that was captured wrong … who wouldn’t love that face!

Also posted over at 500px (reached Popular!)  and ViewBug – please like and share … Star is an attention whore 😉

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