Budapest: Guarding the Entrance

None shall pass

I’ve been home about a week from my last business trip, and I am still going through thousands of photos I took on my downtime in Barcelona and Budapest. This is one from Budapest, as you enter the courtyard to the Budapest History Museum. I visited the museum on my last trip, but unfortunately it was closed when I was out of the office and didn’t get to go again this time around – maybe next trip.

As you walk through the Castle Hill district to get to the museum, you enter a courtyard with two arched entrances guarded by two lion statues, and above each is an incredible carving of a woman’s face at the arch’s keystone.

This image was created with three exposures taken with a Nikon d610 and merged into an HDR image using Lightroom. This was then exported into On1 Perfect Photo Suite for further processing. I used a preset I created for the majority of the editing then tweaked the basics a bit till I was happy.

I will eventually post some of my presets, but I need to make sure doing so would not violate any licensing agreements – some of the textures I use were purchased from Photomorphis and I would not want to cause any issues for me, them or anyone who used the preset …

Guarding the Gateway
Lion Statue guarding the entranceway to the Budapest Museum of Art and History courtyard.

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