Breaking a few Eggs

Hopefully will have an omelet and not a mess. I am reworking the entire site over the next few days – please be patient and Contact Me if there are any major issues …

Update 14-August-2023: So … The update completely corrupted my gallery sections. While that may seem like an “ungood” outcome, in the end it was for the best. Moving to Elementor Pro, it has a fine gallery component built into the solution. I’ve removed all Envira plugins and am rebuilding the galleries in the native tools. I may end up also rearranging everything but don’t worry – links wont break! I’ll be using a TON of 301 Redirects, but it will be fine in the long run.

Sharing is Caring

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A couple of Robin's Eggs and Hatchlings in one of the evergreens in front of my house

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