Jean Paul Gaultier – Corset

Jean Paul Gaultier announced this week that he is retiring from the runway after 50 years in fashion. Le Enfant Terrible is saying au revoir to haute couture after his next and final show on January 22nd.

In July of 2015 I was in Paris on business and visited an exhibition of his fashion at the Grand Palais and took this image, one of the many corsets on display. When processing this image in On1, I wanted to try something minimalist with the image – in contrast to his designs – and converted the image to black and white, putting it in silhouette focusing on the stitching and detail as seen below.

Tied Up

I don’t know exactly what is my impact, but I can say I am doing fashion my own way.

Jean Paul Gaultier

On the upside, Gaultier says that “Gaultier Paris will go on, with a new project which I am the instigator, and that will be revealed to you very soon” … Stay tuned … 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing a print, I have it up on the smugmug store. I strongly suggest this on a metallic paper, or directly on one of the metal print options. The metal really makes this image pop!

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