London Photography – October 2018

London Calling? 

In October I had a business trip over to London to attend the Payment Card Industry Community Meeting as well as a visit to our European HQ offices. While there was a ton of work to do in the ten days I spent there, I did have a number of opportunities to get out with my camera and get some photos, as well as a couple time lapse attempts with the Sony A7Rii.

I stayed at a hotel in Bankside, a few blocks from the Tate Modern, which meant I had easy access to the Southbank of the River Thames to shoot up and down the river – from Tower Bridge up to Westminster. As I am in London (all too) regularly, I thought I’d take a few more risks and experiment more with what I can do with the Sony, On1 Photo RAW and Aurora HDR 2019 … some of which worked out quite well and others will never see the light of day. That’s why they are experiments 🙂

Another thing I got to play with a lot on this trip is my new favorite piece of glass – a Venus/Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero Distortion lens. I’ve used it previously for astrophotography and landscapes, but wanted to put it through some paces for architecture shots. It did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. While it is manual focus, but with Sony’s focus peaking functions, it simply kicks ass.

You said something about time lapse?

Yes I did. This is something I’ve wanted to try, but really never had the time (or patience) to take a couple hundred shots, batch tweak them and export to video. This trip I did have some time at night to try and pull it off, so this is what happens when you take 500+ photos about 3 seconds apart and turn them into a video. I do wish there were clouds in the sky – something that should be a given in London!

Next time I’ll figure out how to add a soundtrack … until then, use your imagination 🙂

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