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Summer Business Travel

So it appears that I will be heading back to Europe this summer for work … currently on the itinerary: London area, Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Budapest, Oslo – that’s for starters …

While I am not loving the idea of traveling over the summer – it takes time away from one of my favorite hobbies/mental health tools – motorcycle riding – at least I do get to spend weekends overseas with my wife thanks to tons of American Airlines miles  – although after her last hellacious flight home from Budapest through Frankfurt, and being stranded at the airport in Frankfurt, I doubt she will want to go back there any time soon.

I will also get to take more photos in some of the most beautiful cities in the world when there’s some downtime and after-hours.

And from my friend Rodney Orpheus‘ band Cassandra ComplexLet’s go to Europe… 🙂

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