DJI – New Phantom Firmware

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom Firmware: Follow Me to the Waypoint’s Point of Interest! Engadget reports that the DJI Phantom 3 series of drones (of which I own the 3 Professional) are getting a Phantom firmware update next week (7 Sept 2015) to fill some feature gaps (!!!) that have been widely panned by owners on a number of forums, and […]

More Phantom Photos – then a crash

Sunset over the Pocono Mountains at 400' - Phantom 3 Photography

The tree jumped out in front of me … honest officer Flying the Phantom UAV around after work, playing with the controls, got a bit more comfortable so I took it up between 350 and 400 feet and out into the forest somewhere around 500 feet. Got a couple good images, which I cleaned up in […]

Phantom 3: Francis E. Walter Dam

Francis E. Walter Dam - Phantom

Francis E. Walter Dam This morning, I got up and headed out to shoot some video and get some more flight time on the Phantom. Most of the parks nearby had activities going on, so I headed out to a quiet spot I ride my motorcycle to now and then for some ‘down time’ – […]

Phantom 3 Drone Selfie – “Drelfie”?

I took a selfie of me on my back deck with the drone

I’m lookin’ at you lookin’ at me lookin’ at you… Still learning how to fly the Phantom and control it with fine grained actions. I took the bird up to the FAA limit of 400′ above ground, and then came down in a nice tight spiral till I stopped right in front of me and […]

Phantom 3: Video up to 400′

Eastern view from above the house

Phantom 3 – What went up … … didn’t crash 🙂 As posted earlier, I picked up my Phantom 3 the other day, and lo’ and behold, I have a vacation day today – funny how that happens 🙂 Today, I went to try and fly at Beltzville State Park, as I found a page at the […]