New Year, New Look

So, first of all, Happy New Year! I took a fairly long break from blogging in 2019 … it was a hellacious year for me personally and professionally. Lets just leave it at that.

I was quite bored with the old theme, the layout, the hassle of keeping it functional, and it completely turned me off to doing anything related to the blog. What’s a guy to do? Well, I gutted the whole damn thing and reworked most of it THAT is what ya’ do 🙂

I’ve gone and removed the older theme swapping it for the Athena theme by Smartcat which I genuinely like quite a bit … not perfect but damn good. I’m going to let it simmer for a bit and may make some hacks to the code, unless what I want to do is available in the “Pro” edition.

Another change this year, I’ve gotten my own SmugMug site up and running. A lot of people have contacted me to buy prints of photos, and I tried to do it as one off requests, but I just cant handle it on top of all the other stuff in life. On1 Photo RAW which is my editor of choice has integration with SmugMug which made it a no-brainer… Feel free to pop over and let me know what you think. I’ll be tweaking the layout and adding more images over the coming weeks, but I am pleased with it so far.

Again, Happy New Year! Lets all hope 2020 is better than 2019 was. I don’t think I can handle another twelve months of getting kicked in the gonads like the last twelve.

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