Bear Creek Falls, Pennsylvania

Going through some shots I took over the past year or so and realizing a few things. Firstly holy hell I took a metric crap-ton of photos, and secondly, I really have progressed a lot in my photography skills. I have always been a good hack, but I am impressed that I have improved so much in a short time. Many thanks to those who have helped me and provided constructive critiques and support!

This photo, from Bear Creek Falls, is a prime example. I practiced my ass off (or at least froze it off) with long exposure skills to get the silky water effects and really love this shot.

I have also posted this on my SmugMug site for anyone interested in purchasing a print of this photo and supporting my addiction … insanity … hobby – yeah hobby 🙂

Bear Creek Falls and Snow - Click to purchase this image!

For those who are interested, the EXIF Data for the image is below. The lens I used, a Laowa 15mm f/2.0 lens, does not register on my Sony Camera, as it is a fully manual lens. According to my notes, I had the lens set to f/11 for this image, which is not transmitted to the camera’s EXIF data. The image was processed in On1 Photo RAW, which I’ve posted about a bunch of times previously, my favorite RAW file non-destructive editor.

EXIF Information:

[exif id=”4020″ show=”title,camera,aperture,exposure_bias,focal_length,iso,shutter_speed,location,copyright”]

Photo Location:


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