Belated Happy New Year 2017!

Belated Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!

Belated Happy New Year due to a last minute trip my wife and I took to New Orleans between Christmas and New Year’s Day. 2016 was a tough year personally. I had an extreme amount of travel that kept me on the road more than I would normally want and too many of my heroes and idols passed away. And let’s not forget that too many friends were fighting over one of the more divisive Presidential Elections in my lifetime.

That said, I did (mostly) keep last year’s resolution to take more photos, post more often and start blogging (even if photoblogging) again. I would have loved to do more but the work side overtook the hobby side in 2016 [Come to the Hobby Side, we have BEIGNETS!].  This year may require less travel than 2016, but to amazing locations that I can take more photos and hopefully do them justice 🙂

So? N’Awlins?

Oh? Right! As I mentioned, Jen and I spent last week in NOLA, one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. Ok, Bourbon Street is amateur hour, but there is something special about the Quarter regardless of the excesses of Bourbon Street. I did take my camera with me, and tested out my new Peak Design backpack on the trip, which actually is an amazing backpack for camera gear and assorted/necessary computer gear. I took a lot of photos, but there is a bit of spray and pray in the way I shoot … out of a hundred photos, I may get 5 that are worth working on and then maybe one that I am happy with when done. Here are four of them that I’ve gotten to the point I am content with, two each color and monochrome. All of these were worked on in Lightroom, AuroraHDR2017 and On1 PhotoRAW 2017

We spent a lot of time walking through the Quarter, headed to City Park for the Celebration in the Oaks light festival as well as some walks through the Garden District. Of course we had to stop (multiple times) at Cafe Du Monde for beignets and café au lait. We stumbled onto a great restaurant on Chartres, Sylvain,  for dinner (and drinks). I may have had one or two (or more) Sazeracs at the hotel bar – hell it is the Sazerac Bar after all.  Overall it was a great way of capping off 2016 – even if we both ended up catching gnarly head colds on the last day from all the temperature changes.


Nah, none this year other than to continue to work my ass off and try to remember to have some fun while doing it!

I will need to do some rejiggering and maintenance on the website soon. When I first set up the site using the Photocrati template and the included NextGen Gallery Pro,  I probably should have read the documentation a bit (ok, at all) and there are some things that are not fully the way I want them to be – these will be fixed over the next month or two – probably with a reorganization of the photos, galleries and albums. I also need to do some work on my other web projects to get them where I want them to be, namely my local weather website and my genealogy site.

Lets all hope that 2017 is better than 2016 … and that we screw things up globally less this year than last … I know it’s a stretch, but hell – it is New Years’ after all!