Jennifer in Saint-Denis France

Jennifer in Saint-Denis France

Portrait of Jennifer – Saint-Denis France

Last year my wife and I spent a long weekend in Paris and hopped on the Metro out to Saint-Denis for a few hours sightseeing and I grabbed this shot walking down a side street. While it was a nice travel snap in color, I wanted to see if I could improve it and pull of a black and white version. Working in black and white is not simply dropping out all color, that doesn’t really provide a B&W image, but rather a grayscale image. I wanted to try some techniques in On1 to push the blacks and whites, while not blowing out the histogram at the same time.

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The steps I took to get here were fairly convoluted, but the process was along the lines of:

  • Export the photo from Lightroom to On1 Effects
  • Add a Texture Enhancer layer to pump up some of the textures in the street, walls, etc.
  • Insert a Color Enhancer layer to add more contrast in the photo and create more depth of color differences
  • Add a Black & White layer, masked out my wife (she was not amused seeing the red masking overlay – thought I was being funny)
  • Insert a Blur layer, copy the mask from the prior layer and muck around with the look till I liked it (some tilt shift, some motion, some bokeh)
  • Add a new B&W layer, pasted the same mask as above, inverted it and used a different B&W treatment on my wife (softer, no blur, etc.)
  • Throw in a Vignette layer, center on face, soft dark
  • Drink copious amounts of Teeling Irish Whiskey and curse mightily while the app crashed about 1/2 way through the above, wash rinse repeat
  • Save back to Lightroom – tweak a bit and re-open said bottle of Teeling and celebrate

Creating a black and white image from a color photo is not a straight forward, easy task. There is no magic preset nor saturation slider that will work right and it takes time, persistance patience and apparently, a good amount of fine Irish Whiskey 😉

One of these days, I plan to record a tutorial, but I am still tweaking things and I don’t think I’m ready for Prime Time just quite yet…

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