Over Niagara Falls in a barrel Plotagraph?

Another moving image created with Plotagraph Pro. This one is of the iconic Niagara Falls, the original image was taken from our hotel window a couple years ago, edited in Lightroom and On1 Photo. I uploaded the image into the Plotagraph online app, added a bunch of animation points – voila!

Sorry, I had to take this image down. Someone was hotlinking it and causing gigs of transfers a month. I will look to replacing it with an anti-hotlinking rule. Initially the person was hotlinking without any credit, I changed the image file name, they gave credit and re-hotlinked. This cost me, and I cannot allow it anymore …

I am still learning the tools, and there are a few areas I’d like to tweak a bit more … but overall I am pleased with the image. I am really pleased with getting the mist in front Niagara Falls moving counter to the direction of the waterfall itself. This took me the most time to grok how to make it work – cleanly.

And the Instagram version of this image from my feed … I’m using DropBox to move the video file over to my iPhone then posting it to Instagram – still trying to find a more efficient way of doing this – leave a comment if you know of anything! I’ve also uploaded this to YouTube which seems to be a better way to share it full size.

I haven’t had a lot of time (nor weather cooperation) for taking new photos, so I’m mucking around with a bunch of older images in Plotagraph. Hopefully this changes, I’m headed to Boston today for a couple days of meetings in my company’s Boston offices. If the weather cooperates I should get a few hours at night to get out with the camera gear.

Because of the hot-linking mentioned above, I embedded a YouTube video of the Niagara Falls Plotagraph image that was exported in a video format as well as the animated GIF image.

Video of the Niagara Falls Plotagraph Image

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