St. Roch – Campo Santo

St. Roch New Orleans – Sundial

Last weekend, Jen & I got some much-needed downtime and spent the weekend in New Orleans. As St. Louis cemeteries now require tour guides and you cannot explore as easily due to vandalism that has taken place, we ventured on up in St. Roch’s Campo Santo cemetery a bit north of the French Quarter.

One of the interesting things about St. Roch’s is the Ex-Votos that are left at the Shrine – people leaving things to pray for healing – leaving a doll or mannequin part, drawings, charms, etc. all to St. Roch in petition for the Saint’s intervention and healing of that part of the penitent’s body or ailment.

We didn’t make it to the Shrine, but did walk through the cemetery, which is above ground as you would expect in New Orleans. I found a brass sundial that caught my eye, and grabbed a few shots to put together an HDR image.

Sunny Hours
Sundial in St. Roch\’s Campo Santo, New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve other shots from NOLA that I need to sort through and clean up … but I had some downtime in the American Airlines Admiral’s Club in Tampa on my way home … voilà!

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