Things that happen with Dye and Propellers when bored

I saw a post on one of the Phantom 3 forums I follow about dyeing the stock white P3 propellers different colors using RIT fabric dye. I did a couple test runs with props that were on when a hemlock jumped out and swatted my drone.

Phantom 3 White Propellers dyed blue and purple using RIT
Phantom 3 White Propellers dyed blue and purple using RIT – sorry for the shitty iPhone pic in my kitchen

The results are above – I think that the blue came out better than the purple, but the purple was the first test I did. What I figured out with the blue is:

  • Heat water to 160Β° F
  • Pour into pyrex dish
  • Add the dye, then add more than you think you need
  • Stir it up and lay the prop in the dye
  • walk away – don’t fiddle with it, pull it out to check it, just leave it the hell alone
  • wait 15m and check color
    • If not the color depth desired, repeat above step as needed
  • If desired color has been reached take it out, wash with cold tap water and dry

The purple still has some white on the edges, but this was a slightly damaged prop so it may be related. The blue is a dark denim color and looks consistent and IMO amazing. I think I will do a pair in the blue and a pair in red – red in front, blue in back – will make it easier to see the direction the Phantom is facing from altitude.

Now to find a skin wrap for the drone that I like… the white is already boring the hell outta me πŸ™‚

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