Too much travel, too little time …

Travel - Worldwide Airline Route Map

Over the next eight weeks, I will be traveling … well pretty much around the world. I have a PCI conference in Vancouver, British Columbia to attend, some meetings in one of my company’s Boston offices, and then … audits down in Australia and New Zealand.

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, on the way to Sydney, I will reach Executive Platinum with American Airlines and Diamond with Hilton Honors when I check out of my hotel in Vancouver… “honors” and perks that I never wanted to obtain again,  – its been a long year of travels all over the world.

On the bright side, I will have my camera and drone with me for the trips. I’m hoping that I will get some great photos with both! I’ve done the leg work (the googleFu is strong in this one) and checked with Canada, Australia and New Zealand‘s authorities to find out the rules of the ‘road’ for flying … all are fairly common sense and reasonable… summed up – “don’t do stupid“.

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