Barcelona: Park Güell

Gaudi’s Park Güell – Barcelona

While in Barcelona, we tried to visit a couple different Gaudi landmarks, and were hoping to walk around Park Güell and take some photos. Unfortunately, we made a critical mistake – not buying tickets in advance. We were able to walk around the outside of the park, and a small open area, but missed out on the best parts of the park. On the upside, we’ve learned from our mistake and next trip will be better prepared (and pre-purchased 🙂 ).

If you are interested in Gaudi’s art, or  Art Noveau/Modernisme in general, you really do need to visit this park, the mosaic work is amazing, and the Modernisme architecture is absolutely stunning.

I took a lot of photos outside the park, but I do like how this one of the park entrance full of tourists came out. It was taken in one shot using a d610, and edited in On1. I wanted to make something odd/interesting and really bring out the details of the buildings.

A shot of the entrance of Park Güell in Barcelona – a park designed by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain

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