Mom, Dad and Baby Me

Mother, Father and Baby Me makes three

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Photo of my parents and I as a baby. Circa 1969/70 in our apartment in the Bronx

I don’t have a lot of photos of my mother, let alone my mother and father and I together. My mother passed away in June 1979 of Familial Polyposis, a genetic form of colon cancer at the age of 32, when I was just about to turn 10. She did not like to have her picture taken (something I have inherited along with FAP) so the ones I find are precious and rare.

After my father passed away in 2012, I dug through all the photos and memorabilia my wife and I were able to save from his house and stacked boxes in my home office. Going through them as time allows, I found this photo of the three of us… I can’t be more than a year old here… back in the apartment in the Bronx. We would live in that apartment until I was about five and my brother just about three years old.

I’m still digging through boxes of stuff – and will probably do so for a long time to come …

I do need to stop and question the fashion choices that were made for babies … seriously WTF is this all about … cant blame it all on the 60’s/7o’s 🙂

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